Licence to Perform Intermediate Rigging : Hunter Valley | Newcastle - Rutherford

The Licence to Perform Intermediate Rigging Course is designed to provide participants with the ability to perform Intermediate Rigging work associated with installing tilt-up panels and performing multiple crane lifts.  It will also provide them with the knowledge and confidence to obtain a National High Risk Work Licence (RI) and a Statement of Attainment.  At Training Wheels we are committed to providing 1st class training that offers more than the course content.  Our trainers will pass onto participants years of of underpinning knowledge of the construction industry that helps produce superior skills to lead to a more productive and safer workplace.  Some aspects of the Course include:

  • Hoists with jibs and self climbing hoists
  • Cranes, conveyors, dredges and excavators
  • Tilt slabs
  • Demolition of structures or plant
  • Multiple crane lifts


  • Ability to understand English
  • 18 years of age
  • Math Ability to work out formula for loads etc
  • Licence to Perform Basic Rigging HRWL


  • National High Risk Work Licence (RI)
  • Statement of Attainment (CPCCLRG3002A)


  • 3 Days = 2 x Days Training + 1 x Day Assessment - there will be 1 at-home study day in between the training and assessment days


  • $1200.00 per person
    (Includes Assessment Fee)
  • BIG 4 PRICE PACKAGE = DG; RB; RI; RA or C6 = $4,400.00
  • ​​​​​​​BIG 5 PRICE PACKAGE = DG; RB; RI; RA & C6  = $5,500.00

What to Bring:

  • Steel cap boots
  • Hard hat – we will supply a hard hat if you don’t own one
  • Gloves
  • Wet weather jacket
  • 100 points of ID for the Assessment

Available Course Dates

Rutherford - Hunter